Running a league

Our suggestions for creating a successful league.

An ideal setup for Scorehorse would have the following:

1. Consistent Scheduling

Make the league for a calendar month. We suggest 6 players per league, so that people will usually have one Scorehorse game a week. Easy to remember that you have to play your games within the month.

2. Player Communication

Email (mailchimp is a brilliant group email app we suggest) all the players once a week with a reminder to book their games, and anything else you would like to share/discuss. Monday morning while people are fresh is a good time.

3. Backups

Scorehorse lets you manually backup a copy of your league, in a format which can be easily opened in a spreadsheet editor. Just go to a league, and click 'Save this comp as a .csv' at the bottom. We suggest weekly backups.

4. Awards

Have a couple of sponsored prizes that people who play all of their games will go in the draw for - encourages players to play all of their games.

5. Prizes

A coaching voucher is another good prize alternative for encouraging players.

6. Score Board Maintenance

Be constantly filling up the sideline during the month. Put them in order, so that they are easy to organise. Put the league they want to go in, and the month.

7. Sponsorship

Find a sponsor to have a banner advertisement on your Scorehorse page, to at least cover the monthly fee.

8. Branding

Personalise the colours of Scorehorse to fit your club (We can assist with this).

9. Website

Embed Scorehorse into your website (We can assist with this).

10. League Changes

All communication regarding changes to the league (ie withdrawal, re-enrolment, wrong league placement etc) must be concluded before the end of the month.

11. League Drafting

On the first day of the following month, do a draft of the next league, send it out to the players and ask them to check it for any errors. Say you will confirm the league by 12 on the 2nd. The day following these changes, mail a link to the confirmed leagues, with a list of any prize winners etc.